Privacy Policy

We recognize the potential sensitivity of confidential information that may be placed on member Web sites and are firmly committed to protecting your privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this site.


None of the personal, private information that is uploaded or entered on the Web site by individual members is viewed by FriendlyCommunity, or distributed to others outside of the site (except in rare cases involving reported violations of our use policies or legal statutes.) We do collect some data, always with your knowledge and consent, which is used to personalize the
site for your convenience and for the benefit of other members and friends who are included in the site.

In no case is the personal information about individual members sold or otherwise shared with advertisers, sponsors, partners or other 3rd parties. And under no circumstances is this information collected or distributed in any form without your prior knowledge and consent.

Special privacy policy concerning children 13 and younger.

FriendlyCommunity believes that the Internet is an important tool in connecting and strengthening communities, but also recognizes that young children need help and protection while using this tool. In that light, and in compliance with the letter and spirit of laws
designed to protect children and encourage parental responsibility for children using the Internet, we have adopted this special policy concerning children 13 or under.

We will require children 13 or under to obtain parental approval before using the Service. Parents and site administrators should remember that portions of FriendlyCommunity sites are indeed private, the user provided content in the site feature areas on them is not accessed nor
controlled by us. Parents, site administrators and other members of a FriendlyCommunity site should be sensitive to the degree that young people participate in a site and assure that content provided by young people is submitted and used only in an appropriate manner.